Youth and Amateur Adult League Sports Software: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023

$4200 - Single Copy or $8400 - Web Posting | Report # SH27064732 | 737 Pages | 419 Tables and Figures | 2017
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LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (July 6, 2017) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Youth League Sports Software: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023.  The 2016 study has 737 pages, 419 tables and figures.  Worldwide youth sports software markets are poised to achieve significant growth and enormous market consolidation as youth and recreational teams move to automated process 
The youth sports software is sold or given away free to teams, leagues and tournaments.  Often a league will distribute the software to teams, clubs, or tournaments.  Sometimes teams and clubs buy the software directly.  A lot of youth sports software had been homegrown functionality bolted onto a stable platform.   This homegrown small market software has basically become outdated, slated to be replaced with packaged, licensed or cloud software that is more robust.
The youth sports software provides registration and payment collection.  The payment collection aspect of the software is sometimes important because it creates a way to collect a transaction fee that is used to pay for the software and provide continuing revenue to the provider.  
The primary purpose of youth and adult sports team software is to deliver robust, automated process for the registration, scheduling, web site construction, coaching management, communication, tournament play, and video coaching that are needed to run a team effectively.  Transaction management and fee collection are key aspects of some of the software.  
Active solutions based on transaction payments are often available at no additional cost to the teams and parents of players.  Transaction fee basis provides a revenue model that makes the availability of the app free.  
Integration of a variety of technologies is the functional direction of market development as vendors seek to build out a platform.  As companies try to build out specialized payment processing, registration, scheduling, and team communications capability, the platforms become very complex and difficult to change.  The classic software problems associated with integration of different software modules begin to plague systems developers.  The platform can include a lot of different functions illustrated below.  
 Sports Software
 Club Management
 Sports Websites
 Sports Technology
 Team Roster Software
 Team Registration Management
 Volunteer Management Software
 Travel Team Marketing
 Travel Team Advertising
 Flexible payment options. 
 Users can choose from various payment methods
 Pay by check or by credit card
 Track cash payments
 Make payment on account
 Provides an advertising base for retail outlets
 Advertising base has local reach
 Broad functionality
 Administrators can collect online payment securely
 One tap payment
 Discounts & coupons are supported
 Create one multifaceted product
 Tracks rosters, schedules, game attendance, practice attendance 
 Tracks availability, team payments, and statistics
 Text communications
 •  Email communications
 Team web site communications
 Effective communications capability
 Multipurpose rooms
 Background Screening
 Equipment Tracking
 Facility Management
 Game Results Tracking
 Online Registration
 Team Assignments
 Volunteer Management
Youth sports package software often generates revenue by taking a small percentage of the transactions that are run through the software by the teams.  Standard software licenses are also used to pay for the software.  A third revenue model depends on an annual fee per registration.  In some cases, the fee is $50 per web site and an additional $299 annually   A vendor typically charges $2.50 per registrant.  Custom graphics are available for $599 typically.   Software license revenue is a market factor.  SaaS applications are sure to emerge as cloud computing becomes more relevant to the software industry.
Several youth team software vendors provide web site design tools, other vendors permit users to work with a graphics team to support building the appropriate design.  Most vendors offer premium features to make them available in high end web sites.  This includes text messaging, team, and effective communications capability.
A very few vendors are specialists in payments processing.   Credit card processing is an important part of running an team.  The teams revolve around shared use of fields, courts or ice.   Payments processing provides a way to collect the money easily, providing a base for the team.  
Most youth team software is available with an initial free trial.  This lets people try out the web site for an organization.  The strength of the software is the player registration process.  Other vendors have strength in payments processing.  Still others specialize in the web site design.  A vendor that provides the best registration software considers it the bread and butter for the company.
Communication is a more elaborate software requirement and that is being upgraded by most vendors.  Vendors work to make their software customizable.  Vendors permit users to ask questions specific to the league, they can add an additional fee to be collected during the registration process.  
According to Susan Eustis, leader of the market research team that prepared the study for WinterGreen Research, “Vendors are making acquisitions to make the software able to provide a large set of capabilities.  Modules brought in from different companies and developers are difficult to integrate into a functioning platform.  Frequently functionality brought in from an acquisition is torn down and rewritten to make it conform to a platform standard.”
Market growth comes from increased benefits of organization in youth sports leagues.  Travel teams and tournaments are in vogue.  These do not happen in a consistent manner unless there is automated process in place.  Automated process is just better for making a team function smoothly, eliminating vast amounts of politics.  Shared resource is always a problem, having automated management is better.  Once one aspect of the team management is automated, there is demand to automate all the processes across the board leading to plenty of consolidation and acquisitions in this market.  
In a $9 billion U.S. youth sports market, the software for youth and amateur adult league teams at $1.2 represents only a portion of the total spending on the market.  This is a nascent market, there is no end in sight, markets are expected to reach $6.9 billion by 2023.  Sports teams will continue to get more organized and depend on software to provide increased management efficiency.
WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software.  The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets,, and Thompson Financial.  
WinterGreen Research is positioned to help customers facing challenges that define the modern enterprises. The increasingly global nature of science, technology and engineering is a reflection of the implementation of the globally integrated enterprise.  Customers trust wintergreen research to work alongside them to ensure the success of the participation in a particular market segment.
WinterGreen Research supports various market segment programs; provides trusted technical services to the marketing departments.  It carries out accurate market share and forecast analysis services for a range of commercial and government customers globally.  These are all vital market research support solutions requiring trust and integrity.
Companies Profiled
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  • ACTIVE Network / ACTIVE Sports
  • Blue Star Sports
  • NBC Sports / SportsEngine
  • Hudl
  • Time / Sports Illustrated Play
  • Affinity Sports
  • TeamSnap
  • Dicks / Blue Sombrero
  • EZFacility
  • Cogran Systems
Market Participants
  • Affinity Sports
  • Atheletrax / mysportsort
  • Bear Dev
  • BenchBucket
  • Catapult
  • Coach Logic
  • Cogran
  • Easyteammanager
  • Engage Sports
  • FiXi Competition Management
  • Jevin
  • Jonas Software / EZFacility
  • JoomSport
  • LeagueApps
  • LeagueLineup
  • LeagueLobster
  • LeagueRepublic
  • Nike+
  • QSTC
  • RosterBot
  • Sideline Sports
  • Sportlyzer
  • Swimtopia
  • Team Topia / SwimTopia
  • Teamer
  • TeamSnap
  • Time / Sports Illustrated Play
  • Vista Equity Partners Fund IV and Vista Equity Partners Fund III / Active Network / ActiveSports / Lanyon
  • Wooter
  • Zuluru
  • YourTeamOnline
  • Front Desk
  • ClubManager
  • Bm Sports Leagues New York
  • Team Sports Admin
  • WatchMeGoPro
  • JDPreneur
  • Bonzi Technology
  • TopDog Sports
  • Upper Hand

Report Methodology

This is the 706th report in a series of market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the internet, computer, software, and telephone equipment. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary databases. Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participation in the segment. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share. Over 200 in-depth interviews are conducted for each report with a broad range of key participants and opinion leaders in the market segment.

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WinterGreen Research, founded in 1985, provides strategic market assessments in telecommunications, communications equipment, health care, and advanced computer technology. Industry reports focus on opportunities that will expand existing markets or develop major new markets. The reports assess new product and service positioning strategies, new and evolving technologies, and technological impact on products, services, and markets. Market shares are provided. Leading market participants are profiled, and their marketing strategies, acquisitions, and strategic alliances are discussed. The principals of WinterGreen Research have been involved in analysis and forecasting of international business opportunities in telecommunications and advanced computer technology markets for over 30 years.

About the Principal Author

Susan Eustis, President, co-founder of WinterGreen Research, has done research in communications and computer markets and applications. She holds several patents in microcomputing and parallel processing. She is the author of recent studies of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) marketing strategies, Internet software, a study of Push to Talk Equipment, Worldwide Telecommunications Equipment, Top Ten Telecommunications, Digital Loop Carrier, Web Hosting, Business Process Management, Servers, Blades, the Mainframe as a Green Machine, and Application Server markets. Ms. Eustis is a graduate of Barnard College.

$4200 - Single Copy or $8400 - Web Posting | Report # SH27064732 | 737 Pages | 419 Tables and Figures | 2017