Wireless Efficiency QiPack Offers Inductive Mobile Charger

QiPack inductive mobile charger, hopes to secure the thinnest inductive mobile charger. QiPack is the new portable inductive charger from wireless efficiency, offering the public an inexpensive and efficient alternative to charging devices with wires.   Early adopters have helped the charger company reach its funding goal. QiPack wireless inductive charger differentiates itself from its competition in size, it offers efficiency and price advantages. At 8.9 mm, QiPack is the thinnest inductive charger currently on the market.  A 3,000 mAh battery makes it more than capable of quickly charging almost any mobile phone.   Lance Wu, co-creator of the QiPack says “It doesn’t make sense to have to stop and recharge.  QiPack gives consumers a way to easily charge their mobile phones without wires, on the go.” Qi-enabled phones require no additional parts or accessories to be compatible to wirelessly charge with QiPack.  Non qi-enabled phones, like the Apple iPhone 5C/5S or the Samsung Galaxy S4, will require either a small coil receiver placed over the battery or a fashionable case receiver that slips easily over the phone. Wireless Efficiency is a professional and integrated OEM/ODM/EMS supplier in the wireless industrial space. The company aims to reinvent the way of technology in the wireless industry in terms of innovative design and eco-friendly manufacturing.