Steve Gold Presents About Watson At Cambridge Ma Innovation Center

Steve Gold presented information about Watson of interest to the people engaged in entrepreneurial efforts to build businesses around IBM Watson.  He spoke to a packed audience at the Cambridge Ma Innovation Center.  According to Steve Gold, the IBM cognitive computing Watson novelty demonstrates the challenge of integrating different kinds of computing around non-structured data issues.     The advent of a natural language computer that can read and comprehend information presents a challenge to developers. There is an opportunity and a challenge with Watson according to Steve Gold.  Computing is different when the systems can learn.    Steve was urging those of us in the audience interested in IBM Watson to become familiar with the aspects of Watson that will drive business opportunity.  He urged us to get a sense of Watson.  He said that the Jeopardy players that competed against Watson quickly learned that they needed to  try to trick Watson  if they were going to beat the machine. Stephen Gold is Vice President Marketing & Sales Operations, Watson Solutions at IBM. He explained that since Watson is able to learn from its mistakes, it keeps getting different answers to a particular question.  He was quick to point out that different is not necessarily better and gave us examples of how Watson misinterpreted its learning path and got further from the truth in its learning process in a few instances.  This way of describing the machine was endearing, just as Steve Gold himself is endearing. Steve Gold encouraged audience interactions with Watson at the Cambridge innovation center, and described the IBM effort to stimulate interest in the product as it has created a direct investment fund of $100 mm to put IBM $ to work building businesses around the new cognitive computing platform. Watson is a set of technologies.  Developers need the ability to navigate around a problem using natural language tools.   Speech recognition will be a major factor in the development of Watson according to Steve Gold.   Steve was supported at the meeting by the very able director of the IBM Cambridge MA innovation center Joseph Perry.