Marie Wieck Leads From the IBM Impact Stage

Marie spoke about how the better understanding of customers forms the base for the IBM mobile first strategy.  IBM is creating entry points for access to the large accumulations of data that are generated in every industry.   IBM has found that it is able to delight clients with new mobile apps.  IBM is building tools to build deploy mobile and tablet systems on every operating system and to connect to back end systems. IBM has developed a transaction systems capability to allow companies to start building and innovating in the apps market to leverage an API economy.   The IBM partner engagement model enables customers to take data to the next level, IBM is creating the systems that support progress engagements.  Equally important for users is that the work force is using mobile and tablet technology to drive employee productivity. Marie gave examples of BYOD scenarios in which she illustrates that opens systems and analytics are transformational.     ROI savings on mobile investments are compelling, investment in new applications tools are creating the opportunity for customers to implement a mobile strategy.  Users are leveraging integration strategies. New business models have been evolved.  Mobile and tablet software has been made with an eye to understanding how to manage new industrial opportunities that leverage API access.  The innovation initiated by WebSphere has created a real ramped investment in virtualized systems. Marie talked about how mobile first app development platforms provide streaming.  The IBM mobile Worklight product has been able to support flexibility and scalability in systems rollout.  IBM offers complete dev ops.  Blue Mix, mobile cloud services are used to build and deploy mobile apps. Database as a service is used to connect mobile apps.  Worklight is a fine foundation.   It is an advanced platform.  Customer experience provides a base for understanding how to manage and secure devices.  IBM is a leading systems integrator that provides types of integration.   Security is a challenge in the systems of engagement that are using mobile devices to reach out to customers. Marie Wieck is the general manager for WebSphere, the Application & Integration Middleware (AIM) business unit in IBM Software.  In this role, Marie leads an organization of more than 7,500 software development, marketing, services, and sales professionals. She is responsible for IBM’s WebSphere software portfolio and leads a number of IBM’s strategic software initiatives, including MobileFirst, business transformation and PureApplication System. The IBM systems for mobile systems development permits clients to mobilize their businesses using the new WebSphere systems.  According to Marie, "the most important aspect of computing is to make managers better informed and more capable of running better businesses."  Scale and flexibility, enabling IBM to achieve co-creating systems with clients is a clear focus for Marie.