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IBM Implements Strategic Reuse for Developers - Joanne L. Scouler Curriculum Architect, IBM and Eran Gery Distinguished Engineer, Rational Continuous Engineering, IBM

IBM strikes a winner with developer support for code module reuse using an enterprise global component management  approach.  It is a sign of the maturity of the software industry that strategic reuse and product line engineering have emerged as core aspects of achieving efficient business operations.  


Using the IBM...

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Marie Wieck Leads IBM as It Ups Wireless Design Capability with Apple Deal

IBM VP Marie Wieck described the IBM mobile first initiative to achieve 100 industry-speciļ¬c apps for iOS, iOS optimized platform with advanced APIs, and an end-to-end lifecycle management capability for iOS apps.  Apple and IBM have forged a global partnership to transform enterprise mobility...

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IBM Watson Team Brings Cognitive Services on Bluemix

IBM offers Watson's cognitive services on Bluemix, This product makes cognitive computing broadly available. Cognitive computing is of value because it supports natural language interaction between the user and the computer. It is useful for apps that increasingly are frequently based on speech recognition.


The IBM cloud platform for developers is...

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IBM Watson Supports Next Generation Data Center

IBM Watson cognitive computing capability is designed to support the next-generation data center.  Watson is positioned to address a simpler, adaptive infrastructure using cognitive computing techniques.

Watson is able to respond to disruptive change in the data center brought by cloud computing.  Cognitive computing is needed to melt technology...

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