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Wireless Efficiency QiPack Offers Inductive Mobile Charger

QiPack inductive mobile charger, hopes to secure the thinnest inductive mobile charger. QiPack is the new portable inductive charger from wireless efficiency, offering the public an inexpensive and efficient alternative to charging devices with wires.   Early adopters have helped the charger company reach its funding goal. QiPack wireless inductive charger differentiates itself...

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IBM Watson Rolls Out Partner Applications

IBM has business partners for Watson.  "Made with Watson" apps seek to transform the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately.    BM Watson is available via the cloud.   These partners for Watson-powered apps are targeting markets for decision support.  Watson apps are expected to enter the market later...

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IBM Looks to the Future with IT Security: QRadar Becomes A Beacon

The average cost of a simple enterprise data breach is $3.5 million and in the case of deliberate, targeted attacks, the average cost to the company is typically $9.4 million for damages to the brands specifically.  This is the average, some data breaches are more expensive.  Past major breaches cost...

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