IBM Watson Team Brings Cognitive Services on Bluemix

IBM offers Watson's cognitive services on Bluemix, This product makes cognitive computing broadly available. Cognitive computing is of value because it supports natural language interaction between the user and the computer. It is useful for apps that increasingly are frequently based on speech recognition.

The IBM cloud platform for developers is an exquisite tool for company web site and apps managers and for developers. IBM has made available a 30 day free trial of Bluemix and access Watson's beta services for free. The question arises as to how many people will continue with the product once the free trial is gone. Many companies built a market presence with free offerings that went on for a lot longer. RSA security now from EMC comes to mind.

Blue mix from IBM Watson supports graphical representations of data analysis for easier understanding. Developers can render interactive data visualizations that can range from common business charts to more advanced layouts. Visualizations can be modified to match user needs, visual styling, and types of data being analyzed.

With the available IBM services there is access to Watson platformInnovation tools. building an application on Bluemix is supported. This is an exciting development in the computing industry.