IBM Impact Stars Robert LeBlanc!!! Slow Internet Bedevils

IBM Impact this year starred Robert LeBlanc as he showed how people can go out on the Internet and in the cloud to build their own apps.  A slow Internet bedeviled the demos to over 9,000 people, developers from all the large enterprises, but Robert was not deterred, we all struggle with that every day. The theme of IBM Impact is one of change, as it has always been, but the thrust, the overriding theme is one of a continuum of change around the transformation of data management.  Robert had many slides that illustrate that everything is changing, we all know that cloud is coming and mobile data is here.  What Robert did so well is to lead us to the next generation of apps that will surely be developed using IBM BlueMix technology.  The computing industry is on notice to speed delivery and configuration of data resources.  The speed of time to value is changing rapidly with smart phone and tablet technology creating market opportunity only to those who are able to act quickly. Robert LeBlanc IBM Senior Vice President spoke at Impact 2014 illustrating that the mobile forms of systems of engagement represent a confluence of the digitization of everything with quality for systems.  Everything is changing.  At same time the industry is changing, people’s expectations around the need for information are changing.  Shifting from personalized PC use to mobile and cloud use of information is creating the need to address the ability to bring quality capability to clients Un-bundling relates to handling the next generation of business process.  According to Robert, all that software we so carefully bundled is now being unbundled so that people can pick and choose what their combination of desired components are.   Killer apps based on discrete components are emerging on a daily basis.    No single industry is up for disruption:  they all are.  IBM is inviting developers to take a look at existing capabilities and re prioritize them for software building capabilities related to mobile and to leverage technology as a way to instantiate cloud. Robert LeBlanc spoke about how IBM is modernizing tools for smart mobile and tablet software development.   "Enhanced services capability through IBM and partners is being achieved through key open stack announcements," according to Robert.  IBM offers new cloud services, cloud technologies, and cloud integration.   "Analytics are key aspects of data management automation going forward," according to Robert. People need to implement mobile and cloud applications that support auto scaling.  The ability to auto-scale makes an application easy to use and the configuration in the cloud is easy.  Software scale generates a whole lot of applications. Robert LeBlanc is Senior Vice President, IBM Software and Cloud Solutions Group. He has global responsibility for the strategy and management of IBM’s industry leading middleware and software solutions portfolio.  Mr. LeBlanc chairs IBM’s Technology Team.