G.fast Chipsets Fixed Broadband Access Solution Sckipio wins Broadband World Forum Award

Broadband World Forum has given it's "Best Fixed Broadband Access Solution" award to Sckipio Technologies for 2015. Sckipio has supported telecom service provider efforts to compete effectively in ultrafast broadband access markets.

Sckipio Technologies' G.fast DPU and CPE modem chipsets permit data transfer rates for up to up to 2Gbps. Fixed broadband access solution are still significant in the service provider world dominated by wireless smartphones because standards-compliant G.fast modems are used to enable ultra-broadband access and mobile backhaul.

Ultra-broadband access is becoming cogent in a connected communications system.  Fast, easy connections are used to support communications to everything, all the time, everywhere. For example, Ultra-broadband is used for watching video entertainment from mobile devices, using cloud-based business applications, and gaining access to health care remotely.

Ultra-broadband allows users to move faster to meet demand. It gives businesses a way to be closer to customers, video communication improves the selling experience.  It helps a user capture the opportunities of the cloud. and mobile backhaul.

Mobile backhaul is significant as everyone in the world adopts a smart phone.  With 9.5 billion smart phones anticipated to be in use by 2021, the need for ultra-fast broadband backhaul becomes compelling. 

Sckipio partners with 30 service provider companies globally on G.fast.  It is one of the leading contributors to the ITU-T standard.    Sckipio G.fast DPU and CPE modem chipsets  fundamentally change how telecom service providers compete in ultrafast broadband access.  The Sckipio technology delivers the highest speeds (up to 2Gbps), the furthest reach (up to 1Gbps for 300 meters), and the highest density (DPU with 32 vectored ports). 

In the recent competition, Sckipio was selected over the largest telecommunications companies in the world – quite the honor!