Sckipio G.fast works at 750Mbps.  This ultrafast broadband upload speed on existing twisted pair copper telephone wires extends the life of the installed plant.  The Sckipio G.fast is 100 times faster than most consumers achieve.

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This breakthrough performance will allow telcos worldwide to dramatically improve consumer experience with the many new consumer services and devices- a highly attractive solution for operators in North America and Taiwan.  

"Most DSL and cable broadband technologies are unable to provide a higher ratio of upload to download speeds, making it very challenging to deliver next generation consumer services," said David Baum, CEO of Sckipio Technologies. "Since user-generated content has increasingly become important, having fast upload is critical and this is a big advantage of G.fast."

The solution is the world's fastest implementation of G.fast and it helps telcos compete very effectively against cable operators using DOCSIS 3.1.