WinterGreen Research



January 2020

Storage Platforms (1/20/2020) ,Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Global Energy (1/20/2020),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Sports Bra (1/16/2020),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Solid State Batteries (1/16/2020),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Lithium Ion Batteries (1/16/2020),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

December 2019

Youth Sports (12/3/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

November 2019

5G (11/11/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

October 2019

Agricultural Milking Robots (10/21/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Advanced Facilities: Sweden (10/21/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Advanced Facilities: Netherlands (10/21/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Advanced Facilities: Finland (10/21/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Advanced Facilities: Denmark (10/21/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Advanced Facilities: Belgium (10/21/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

July 2019

New Industrial Revolution (7/30/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Hyperscale Data Centers in Finland (7/30/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

June 2019

Robotic Middleware (6/27/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Power Wheelchairs (6/27/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Middleware Messaging (6/27/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
IBM and Red Hat (6/7/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Small Cells (6/4/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

April 2019

Mid-IR Sensors (4/14/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

March 2019

Electric Vehicles (3/31/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

February 2019

Wind Turbine Bearings (2/25/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Youth Sports Video Equipment (2/8/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons (2/4/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

January 2019

Alcohol and Drug Testing (1/28/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Youth Sports Video Apps (1/23/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Rehabilitation Robots (1/20/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Lithium Ion Battery Cathodes (1/20/2019),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

November 2018

Blood Plasma (11/5/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

September 2018

Youth Sports (9/16/2018),Brochure,Press Release
Wind Turbine Bearings (9/16/18),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Sports Bras (9/16/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Optical Modulators (8/16/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

May 2018

Agricultural Tractor Robots(5/30/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Hand Sanitizer(5/29/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

April 2018

Crypto Currency(4/26/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Cold Pressed Juice(4/14/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Precision Gearboxes(4/13/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample
Lithium Ion Battery Cathodes(4/13/2018),Brochure,Press Release,Sample

About The Company

Susan Eustis

(President and CEO, Co-Founder of WinterGreen Research)

Ms. Eustis conducts research for software, communication, internet, healthcare, and energy studies. Most notably, she is the author of the popular studies on Application Integration Markets, Top Ten Telecommunication Companies, Worldwide Telecommunication Equipment, Internet Equipment, Web Services, WebHosting, Digital Loop Carrier, Regional Bell Operating Companies' Marketing Strategies, and Biometrics. She has held original patents in electronic voting machines for 30 years...

About the Team

The WinterGreen Research Team is comprised of senior analysts that prepare the market research and analysis that is offered to the client and developed using an iterative process to achieve a final study. Typical projects include providing market/viability research. The team can look at how drones can be applied to critical infrastructures safety, including: type of market existing, Barriers, Forecast demand and competitors, SWOT and competitive advantages, Price Analysis, product design recommendations (marketing orientation).

Research is typically for many different regions or localities, for example EU countries including Spain, UK, Nordic, Germany, and France. Typical projects profile the United States and areas of Asia. It is common to three representative countries from South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. Representative countries from Asia APAC typically include Japan, China, India, and Australia.

Critical infrastructure safety, including: type of market existing, barriers to entry and to faithful execution of product provision, forecast of demand, market share, SWOT, competitive advantage of major competitors, identification of new technologies and new companies, price performance analysis, product design recommendations, and marketing considerations are typical topics covered.