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Studies by Date

November 2015

Web Services Cloud (11/25/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Law Enforcement Robots,Brochure,Press Release
Sports Coaching Platforms (11/4/2015),Brochure,Press Release

October 2015

Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons (10/27/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Photography Drones,Brochure,Press Release
Snake Robots (10/11/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Biometrics (10/5/2015),Brochure,Press Release

September 2015

Wearables: Sports and Fitness (9/18/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Application Lifecycle Management (9/18/2015),Brochure

August 2015

Commercial Drones (8/31/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Military Drones (8/22/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Quantum Dot (8/20/2015),Brochure,Press Release
WebCams (8/10/2015),Brochure,Press Release

July 2015

Trains, Planes, and Drones (7/30/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Industrial Robots (7/9/2015),Brochure,Press Release

June 2015

Business Process Management (6/10/2015),Brochure

May 2015

Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (5/30/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Sports Analytics (5/26/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Security for Connected Home (5/17/2015),Brochure,Press Release

April 2015

Surgical Robots (4/30/2015),Brochure,Press Release
PTT Telemedicine (4/20/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Thin Film Batteries (4/6/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Medical Exoskeletons (4/2/2015),Brochure,Press Release

March 2015

Robot Cars (3/27/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Portable Oxygen Concentrators (3/27/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Rehabilitation Robots (3/23/2015),Brochure,Press Release
LED Grow Lights (3/11/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Solar Panels (3/10/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Military Launchers (3/2/2015),Brochure,Press Release
Low Iron Glass (3/2/2015),Brochure,Press Release


About The Company

Susan Eustis
(President and CEO, Co-Founder of WinterGreen Research)
Ms. Eustis conducts research for software, communication, internet, healthcare,and energy studies. Most notably, she is the author of the popular studies on Application Integration Markets, Top Ten Telecommunication Companies, Worldwide Telecommunication Equipment, Internet Equipment, Web Services, WebHosting, Digital Loop Carrier, Regional Bell Operating Companies' Marketing Strategies, and Biometrics. She has held original patents in electronic voting machines for 30 years.....